Introductory Concepts

In the recent discussion of technology in the classroom, a controversial issue has been whether to use technology in the classroom or not. On one hand technology can make your lesson plan more fun and more relevant to your students. From this perspective we see students become more engaged in school because they are learning how to do things in an ever changing world.  On the other hand, others argue that technology is not necessary to teach students. According to this view technology is not needed to learn some of the more artistic skills in school. In sum then the issue is whether technology should be used in school or not.

My own view is that technology should be used in schools. Though I concede there are some drawbacks, such as technology can be distracting especially for little kids. However I still maintain that in this modern world kids should have access to technology. For example students should have access to the internet while at school. Although some might object to that by saying it will  distract students. I would respond by saying that most students would use it more as a study tool to prepare for tests or lectures. The issue is important because the world is becoming smaller and students need to be able to adapt to it or fall further and further behind.


2 thoughts on “Introductory Concepts

  1. I agree with your point a lot that technology can be a distraction but it is important that children get to use technology because it is an important part of their lives.


  2. I like your organization of your posting- you appear to have followed the template closely to craft an introduction to an academic argument This creates a nicely supported academic conversation, where you are engaged with other people’s views and respond with your own. You should follow this format whenever you enter academic discourse- ie. “they say, I say.” When done correctly, the format gives a very well organized, well-supported, and well written argument. Feels good, doesn’t it?


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