Digital Natives

In the recent discussion of digital natives a controversial issue has been whether to teach digital immigrants the language of technology. On one hand some argue that the old ways are best this perspective tends to come from the older generation of teachers. On the other hand however some would argue we need to update and teach our teachers about how they can use technology in their classroom. According to this view teachers need to be able to use technology that students are already familiar with. In sum then, the issue remains do we teach old dogs new tricks or do we wait until a new younger generation of teachers takes over.

My own view is that we need to update teachers on the latest technology. Though I concede that many teachers will not embrace the change. I still maintain that we have to do this or the students will suffer. Although some might object by saying that they never grew up with all this tech. I would respond by saying that the times are changing and technology is the future. This issue is important because teachers that don’t change risk the future of their students by not exposing them to new technology.


One thought on “Digital Natives

  1. I like your organization- keep using this template when you can to craft a clear, concise argument. When you add additional hyperlinks, you can create a well organized easy to follow blog posting. Where might you add those additional hyperlinks to your post?


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