Information Literacy

I think being information literate is a mix of what you already know and comparing that to what you are reading/learning about. It is important to understand what the difference is between scholarly articles versus works of fiction based off historical facts, especially when doing research online. When I read articles online I can usually tell within the first paragraph whether it will be helpful or not. Many times you can look at the webpage itself and see if it looks professional or not.


I think we can teach kids the skills necessary to be information literate. For me it took practice. I had to write a lot of research papers in high school. This taught me how to tell the good online articles from the bad, and it took me a few times of citing poor articles in my papers to figure out what to look for. But that is the way I learned and I think it is the only way to learn because a teacher can’t exactly provide examples for you because they don’t know what you are writing about.
I don’t think we can prepare students, I think they need to experience it for themselves. All we can do is give them tips on how to be safe and avoid the bad. But there is no way we can fully prepare them for what is out there.


One thought on “Information Literacy

  1. How does Abilock define information literacy? How does that definition differ from your own?

    I’d love to know more about your final paragraph as well. What kinds of things can teachers do to prepare their students for critical thinking in the online world. You also assert that teachers cannot prepare their students for everything- like what? I’d love to know more.

    Keep looking for opportunities to incorporate more hyperlinks into your posts.


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