Digital Citizenship

In the world today we need to start teaching our kids about how to use the internet safely. The earlier they start practicing these skills the better off they will be during adulthood. Mr. Pane uses superheros of promote good digital citizenship, Which is actually a great idea. Kids all look up to superheros and if they can make their own superhero to promote digital citizenship it makes the lesson way more fun than if they just listened to the teacher talk. Some of the issues these superheros solve are important for kids to learn. Like not giving out your personal information. Or not clicking on pop up ads. Which are things little kids would probably be more likely to do. The gallery walk at the end is important because it allows the students to see different things that they might not have thought about, and also see the different superheros their classmates made. One way I could use a gallery walk is to have my students make a historical cartoon or comic and Then have other students critique it for historical accuracy. It would also give my students a chance to see each other’s work and talk about history.


One thought on “Digital Citizenship

  1. You know what would go great in this post? A bunch of hyperlinks to sites about good digital citizenship, gallery walks, or superheroes. Think where you could add your own spin by adding resources to link this post to the world outside of your blog.


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