Podcasts and Multimedia in the Classroom

Some ways I see myself and my students using podcasts or other forms of multimedia platform are, making informational podcasts that explain to listeners what was happening in that time period. Some example could be Hitler’s rise to power, or the Great Depression, or ancient Rome. And then we could have the class listen to them and and take down any added information that was not covered in class, because for history tests the points are in the details. Another way I can see my students using media is creating online political cartoons that explain an event, crisis, person, or timeline in a fun new way instead of my students listening to me explain things. One other way I could use media is to have my students start a blog at the start of the school year and give them a historical figure to study, and give a synopsis of that person. Then have other students comment on each post something that their historical figure might of said. These are a few ways I could use multimedia in my classroom to make the class more interesting.


One thought on “Podcasts and Multimedia in the Classroom

  1. What I enjoy about this post is the incorporation of engaging and entertaining activities for students to be apart of. These activities require creative and critical thinking which pave the way for a more effective learning experience. I personally believe that the incorporation of multimedia into the classroom is the next necessary step for teachers.


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